I dag har vår paraplyorganisasjon, ICMP sammen med en rekke kreative organisasjoner i Europa sendt ut et politisk brev til EU-komissær Thierry Breton og en rekke EU-parlamentsmedlemmer, hvor de uttrykker sin bekymring rundt implementeringen av artikkel 17 som omhandler verdigapet knyttet til brukeropplastet innhold.

ICMP skriver følgende i sin uttalelse:

Article 17 addresses the Value Gap for copyright protected content online such as millions of musical works. Article 17 clarifies that User Uploaded content (UUC) services such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snap etc. are liable under existing EU copyright law for the millions of works they make available and profit from online, therefore they should take a full and fair licence with the rightholders for those creative works. This seeks to fix a drastic licensing, valuation and indeed Digital Singe Market competition issue.

The European Commission is currently drafting non-binding Guidance to the 27 EU governments as to how Article 17 could work in practice. ICMP continues to input to that European Commission process and work with national governments, while at the same time countering ‘Big Tech’ services’ ongoing attempts to water down and obviate the law.

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